Have a Merry Christmas with ME!

Just like Santa, Toyota ME has been activity involved in charity since 2013. This year, we have partnered with Singapore’s Children Society as our adopted charity to raise funds to the children with the 2018 Toyota ME Calendar. Let’s give generously in this season of giving together while we get ready for the Christmas season.

Deck your homes with the cute Origami Santa! Click here to learn the step by step origami instruction guide.

Spot the Difference with ME!

For years, Borneo Motors Singapore has overcome every challenges to win the hearts of its customer. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has made Toyota No. 1 in Singapore for 11 straight years! Thank you for your continuous support to Borneo Motors Singapore!

Here is a simple spot the differences game to reminisce your childhood days! Click here to download the game sheet.

Wishing you Selamat Hari Raya!

Join ME in weaving into deeper relationship as we celebrate the Hari Raya along with our Muslim Family and friends by making this simple Ketupat!

Click here to learn the step by step origami instruction guide.

Colour ME!

Did you realize that the greenery around you is getting lesser over the years? With the effort to create a green environment, Toyota Singapore uses Eco friendly paint service (Water Borne Paint) to allow you to paint your vehicle without damaging the envioinrment

Let’s pick up some colour pencils to add vibrancy to the flora and fauna on this activity sheet and colours to our lives! Click here to download the activity sheet.

School Rush

Do you know that Toyota made their 1st Debut at the Formula One Race in 2002?

Just like some of the parents, Daddy send Ah Boy to school every morning through the rush hour, going through the traffic safely like a pro to make sure Ah Boys gets to school on time. He is Ah Boy’s favorite F1 driver.

Gather your family members and friend for a fun time over the “School Rush” game with ME! Click here to download the game sheet.

Connect with ME

Toyota Startlet was the 1st Toyota Hatchback compact car launched in Singapore. With the Toyota Starlet, parallel parking becomes a lot easier for David. Connect the dots on the game sheet and help David “park” his vehicle Click here to download the game sheet.

Go Green with ME

With the objective to reduce the carbon emission and becoming environmentally friendly.

Toyota launched the world’s first mass produced hybrid, Toyota Prius in 1997. Do you know that there are special parking lots allocated for the hybrid and electric cars?

Fill in the blanks on the game sheet and enjoy a simple game of crossword puzzle named “I have a Lot”. Click here to download the game sheet.

Come Home With ME!

Navigating without the aid of technology appear to be similar to finding your way out of a maze.

With the launch of the new NAVICOM navigation system on Toyota Celica in 1981, we will never have to worry about getting lost again.

Find your way “Home” with this game of maze and enjoy the simple joy of old school games today! Click here to download the game sheet.

Dice and Token for Game Sheet

Click here to download the dice and tokens for your old school games.

Spot with Toyota ME!

Do you know Borneo Motors Sold more than 3,000 Toyota Commercial and passenger vehicles within the 1st two years of holding the Toyota franchise? Finding your Toyota car is tough when you own the hottest model in town!

There are 8 ME logos hidden the image, Click here to download and find all of them amidst all the Toyotas!

Celebrate this Rooster Year with ME!

Join ME in the creation of origami Rooster and welcome the dawn of the Fire Rooster year with the warmth of a smile! Click here to learn the step by step origami instruction guide.

Chope with ME!

Gather your friends and family together to have some fun time with “CHOPE”! Spend more time together with your loved ones this Valentine! Click here

Fold your own Origami race car!

Just like how origami can be intricate and requires the maker’s close attention, we give our utmost attention to every details, so that your car perform above and beyond your expectation with TRD since 1979. Let’s make your own race car together in the month of March! Click here